Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Top 10 albums

1. Iron Maiden- The Book Of Souls

2. Ghost- `Meloria’ 

3. Nightwish- `Endless Forms Most Beautiful’

4. Enslaved- `In Times’ 

5. Paradise Lost- The Plague Within 
6. Motorhead- Bad Magic 
7. Blind Guardian- Beyond The Red Mirror
8. Skindred Volume 
9. Five Finger Death Punch- Got Your Six
10. Cradle Of Filth- Hammer Of The Witches

Saturday, 19 December 2015

SONATA ARCTICA Release Christmas single 'Christmas Spirits'

Finnish melodic metal heroes Sonata Arctica are pleased to release a very special Christmas gift for their fan base: a brand new single called ‘Christmas Spirits’.
This year the handing out of presents is happening early!

Sonata Arctica commented on the single:
"Hello everyone out there!
Christmas is just around the corner so we decided to cheer you all up with a nice Christmas story. "Decided" might be a bit strong in this context since the 'Christmas Spirits' song has been around for about ten years now, we just never had the time to record it. Finally during the ‘Pariah's Child’ sessions we managed to do the basic tracks and this autumn we finished the song. I guess the main reason for the delay was getting the lyrics done, it’s nearly impossible to get into the Christmas mood unless it’s actually… you guessed it, Christmas. Hats off to Tony since he did it anyway, this autumn, and without any snow, we might add. Be that as it may, here’s our latest piece of art: Christmas Spirits!

Merry Christmas to everyone & cheers,

‘Christmas Spirits’ Tracklist:
01. Christmas Spirits
02. Christmas Spirits (Radio Edit)
03. Christmas Spirits (Orchestral Version)

Sonata Arctica’s latest studio album ‘Pariah's Child’ was released in 2014 via Nuclear Blast. It was the bands’ eighth studio album - and the follow up to their previously successful release ‘Stones Grow Her Name’. 

This latest release saw Sonata Arctica returning to their metal roots – moving away from the more hard rock approach of its predecessor. Some might say the record is a good definition of the band past and present, predominantly showcasing their straight up melodic metal style.

‘Pariah’s Child’ was recorded and produced by the whole band itself – without any outsiders being involved apart from a couple of guest performances. It was mixed by bass player Pasi Kauppinen. The album artwork hails back to the band’s past, containing symbolism of the figure 8 and containing their totem animal the wolf.

More on ‘Pariah's Child’:

More info:

BLOODSTOCK announce Metal 2 The Masses video upload competition

BLOODSTOCK's friends at Hobgoblin are once again hosting the Metal 2 The Masses Video Upload competition for 2016. The multi-layered Metal 2 The Masses scheme gives unsigned and DIY bands a chance to play on the Newblood Stage. Instead of taking part in the local M2TM heats, another way to enter is by submitting your video to Hobgoblin's upload site! If you have a video, get it uploaded now and you could be in with a chance of shaking the Newblood stage at Bloodstock! Not only this, but Scuzz TV will be giving 10 lucky bands a chance by airing their videos on the Scuzz channel!

  Get all the info over at 

If you’re not aiming to take to the stage any time soon, then Hobgoblin are giving away stacks of prizes in return for your votes. All you have to do is vote for your favourite band and be in with a chance of winning VIP weekend tickets, Hobgoblin beer, festival flags or over 500 legendary Hobgoblin t-shirts! 
set up an account and get voting! But keep visiting, as new bands keep entering! 

Bands! If you're thinking of throwing your hat in the ring, check this out to whet the appetite; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdndra5UL2Q.

BLOODSTOCK's standard weekend tickets with camping are on sale now, priced £139 (+ booking fee) from http://bloodstock.seetickets.com/event/bloodstock-2016/catton-park/902838

BLOODSTOCK will be held at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 11th-14th August 2015. 

 Keep up to date with the very latest info on BLOODSTOCK’s official sites at www.facebook.com/bloodstock and www.bloodstock.uk.com, or via Twitter on @BLOODSTOCKFEST.

Friday, 18 December 2015


Check out this video to see the vinyl packaging in its full glory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so_0vXpPjS4

From the name of the band, to the title of Album One and its accompanying artwork, it was immediately clear that Five Finger Death Punch hadn’t arrived to make up the numbers… they’d come to win.

With ‘The Way Of The Fist’, the record in question, they delivered a self-funded set of songs so focussed, so committed, so determined to leave a mark (somewhere around the jugular) that a bond was swiftly forged with those for whom heavy music has everything to do with lifestyle andnothing to do with pastime…

Follow-up albums ‘War Is The Answer’ and ‘American Capitalist’ saw the US outfit aligning with producer Kevin Churko – the result being an even bigger sound that expertly plotted the path between emotion, melody and all-out attack, with frontman Ivan Moody showing exactly what he could do right across the board. As with ‘The Way Of The Fist’, both albums were released viaSpinefarm Records ex-US, both saw traditional values laced with contemporary sounds and cutting-edge power, and both saw the band gaining real traction in Europe (with the Download festival in the UK consistently succumbing to the Death Punch main-stage assault) and makingmajor inroads at US radio…

Today, backed by a global army of supporters (affectionately known as ‘Knuckleheads’), Five Finger Death Punch stand as one the most successful rock acts in the world; proof that if you have your heart set on a dream, the work ethic to beat down doors and the talent to consistently deliver nothing can stand in your way…

‘The Way Of The Fist’, ‘War Is The Answer’ and ‘American Capitalist’ are where the blueprint for success was laid and the gauntlet first cast, and now – almost a decade down the line in the case of the debut – it’s time to raise the flag with this special set of official vinyl Re-issues, scheduled for release on February 12th 2016.

Whilst holding true to the spirit of the original CD releases, each of the LPs has been visually reworked to get the most from the vinyl format, with extra elements added where possible.

The LPs come as follows:-
‘THE WAY OF THE FIST’ (originally released, ex-US, in 2009)
· Coloured vinyl
· Camouflage inner bag
· Gatefold sleeve with ‘international artwork’
· Lyrics
Available to purchase here

‘WAR IS THE ANSWER’ (originally released in 2009)
· Coloured vinyl
· Camouflage inner bag
· Gatefold sleeve
· Lyrics
Available to purchase here

‘AMERICAN CAPITALIST’ (originally released in 2011)
· Coloured vinyl
· Camouflage inner bag
· Gatefold sleeve
· Lyrics
· Bonus Remix

Available to purchase here

SCORPION CHILD Confirmed To Play London Show With Monster Magnet

Austin heavy psych-rockers Scorpion Child are very pleased to announce that they will be playing alongside retro-rock visionaries Monster Magnet next year.
The show in question is a one-off exclusive UK show for Monster Magnet (their only UK show of 2016) which also includes Orange Goblin.

The event will take place at The Forum, London on 19th March 2016.

You can purchase tickets here:

Scorpion Child’s highly anticipated second album is due to be unleashed in 2016, and anticipation has been building. The band have once again been working with Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith (The Answer, And You Will Know Us By The Tail Of Dead...) who produced and arranged the band’s self-titled, first full-length.

Scorpion Child recently released a brand new single and lyric video titled ‘She Sings, I Kill’. This new track gives us a furtive glimpse into the Texans upcoming sophomore album. Aryn Jonathan Black returns with his rich, electrifying vocals interweaved with the groove laden riffs of guitarist Christopher Jay Cowart and the sauntering bass work of Alec Caballero Padron. Scorpion Child are completed by Jon ‘Charn’ Rice (drums) and AJ Vincent (keyboards).

‘She Sings, I Kill’ is now available as a digital download. The single contains the new track as well as another new song, '(Enter The) Twilight Coven', which will be a B-Side exclusive to this release. 

Scorpion Child originally formed in 2006 and have spent their interim years intensively perfecting and honing their song writing skills and live performance. Moving to Austin to form the band with a single vision, they found the Texan city a great place to cultivate their expertise. Their sound heralds back to early 70s classic and psych-rock with an entirely original, and contemporary flourish.

More on Scorpion Child:

Scorpion Child are:
Aryn Jonathan Black - Vocals
Christopher Jay Cowart - Lead Guitar
Jon "Charn" Rice - Drums
Alec Caballero Padron – Bass
AJ Vincent – Keyboards



· Re-mastered audio

· Sleeve-notes based on new interviews with Dave Wyndorf

· Extensive bonus content including studio recordings, live tracks, re-mixes & cover material

· Swings Like God’s Own Dick!

When it comes to forging an identity and a sound, Monster Magnet main-man Dave Wyndorf has never been found wanting…

His is a singular and hugely influential vision; there is no rule-book here, just a fevered imagination, afully hands-on approach, plus the ability to deliver a wide variety of music, all of it thoughtfully-crafted and inherently cool…

To define it as ‘metal’ would be heading down too narrow a path, yet it’s music driven by classic and iconic imagery, with comics, esoteric science fiction, B-movies and dope culture high up on the list, along with a deep and abiding love for Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and The Stooges (covers of tracks from all three feature on the Re-issues).

An anti-dote to the Grunge and Nu-Metal scenes that took hold in the ’90s , Monster Magnet’s psychedelic space rockin’ was as likely to connect with fans of alternative music and lifestyles as followers from the hard rock domain, and it’s a genre-straddlin’ stance that has given the New Jersey band a career in excess of 25 years.

In the ongoing Monster Magnet story, their four studio albums for A&M clearly play a fundamental role, with ‘Powertrip’ – a half-a-million seller in the US, home to Top Three single / video ‘Space Lord’ – showing that the band could enjoy substantial success without having to compromise or dilute their art.

In celebration of this fact, Monster Magnet have confirmed a one-off headline UK show for March 19th. The venue will be The Forum in North London, and the band will perform a special set based around the following albums…

· SUPERJUDGE (originally released in 1993)

The first album for A&M, ‘Superjudge’ featured a choice selection of material – the likes of ‘Twin Earth’,‘Cage Around The Sun’ and ‘Black Balloon’, all written by Wyndorf in a couple of months – plus two cover versions in ‘Brainstorm’ (Hawkwind) and ‘Evil’ (Willie Dixon). At the request of the label, Wyndorfoccupied the production chair himself, even though his studio experience was limited at the time; however, the combination of a 24-track console (at The Magic Shop in New York) and the desire to explore all of his most cherished influences made for an album that instantly stood out from everything else around it…
“It sounded like nothing I had ever heard,” laughs Wyndorf. “Like a squadron of angry hornets!”

· DOPES TO INFINITY (originally released in 1995)

Inspired by time spent on the road in support of ‘Superjudge’, Monster Magnet went back to The Magic Shop for the follow-up release, determined to deliver a selection of songs showing the full scope of what they could do. Vintage equipment was rented and instruments swapped between musicians as they continued to drive their career forward, bringing in top-of-the-line assistance – Alan Moulder on the mix, future ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ director Gore Verbinski on the video front, etc. – to add suitably colourful icing to the cake.
‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ led the way, becoming a Top 20 US hit; a sign of things to come…

· ‘POWERTRIP’ (originally released in 1998)
The record that reclaimed rock ‘n’ roll culture for rock ‘n’roll…
Given this was the third album for A&M, Wyndorf knew that a serious dent was required. In came the co-production / mixing team of Matt Hyde and Randy Staub, and the result was a musical statementpar excellence – written (in part) in Las Vegas and generally more focussed, more straight-down-the-line than what had come before, and about as far away from ‘Loser Pop’ (in vogue back then) as you could get.

At a time when rap music was out-selling the competition and the ‘rockers’ of the day were almost embarrassed by success, Monster Magnet opted to fly the flag for the glory days of rock when hedonism was the underlying force; they threw down the gauntlet, and it was leather, studded and on fire!

· ‘GOD SAYS NO’ (originally released in 2000 in the UK)

With a shift in power at the label, Nu-Metal sweeping the (heavy) musical world plus a disrupted recording schedule (the result of Wyndorf’s lyrics being stolen), this was never going to be an issue-free album…

Musically, it once again delivered in style, drawing on the adventures resulting from two years of solid touring, but Wyndorf felt the wind of change ruffling his hair. As a result, he turned his attentions to Europe, revelling in the loyalty and passion of the fans and seeing ‘God Says No’ go Top 20 in Germany.

In the course of four albums and seven years, Monster Magnet had turned the rock world and its attitudes upside down, never making the same record twice and never losing touch with the essence of their unique appeal.

LOST SOCIETY post video for 'I Am The Antidote'

Braindead is the third album by Finland-based thrash metallers LOST SOCIETY and will be released onFebruary 12th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast. In celebration of their new release, the band have premiered the official video for 'I Am The Antidote' over on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PdoKs3cDMaA

Braindead track list:
01. I Am The Antidote
02. Riot
03. Mad Torture
04. Hollow Eyes
05. Rage Me Up
06. Hangover Activator
07. Only (My) Death Is Certain
08. P.S.T.88
Bonus track:
09. Terror Hungry (Californian Easy Listening Version)

The band proudly announced yesterday that they will be playing as main support alongside Exodus on their forthcoming 2016 UK & Ireland tour. Front man Samy Elbanna said regarding the announcement: "We can't even begin to tell you all how stoked we are to announce that we'll be hitting the road with the almighty EXODUS at the end of February! We're so happy to finally return to the UK and hit our other favourite countries and cities. We'll be playing some tracks off of ‘BRAINDEAD’ for the first time ever, and of course songs off of the first two records. One thing is for sure, Exodus and Lost Society will tear down every single venue, and we expect you all to go crazy and scream your lungs out!! Make sure you get your tickets right away, this is gonna be legendary!

Europe BEWARE: Lost Society and Exodus comin' atcha!!”
The tour which will take the bands across Europe as well as the UK & Ireland:

25th February – Birmingham, Asylum
26th February – Newcastle, Riverside
27th February – Aberdeen, The Tunnels
28th February – Glasgow, The Cathouse
29th February – Belfast, Limelight
1st March – Dublin, Button Factory
2nd March – Liverpool, O2 Academy
3rd March – York, Fibbers
4th March – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
5th March – London, Underworld
6th March – Brighton, The Haunt
8th March – Southampton – Talking Heads
9th March – Bristol, The Fleece
10th March - Plymouth, The Hub
11th March – Cardiff, The Globe
13th March – Southend, Chinnerys

Exodus and Lost Society are keen to disperse their thrashing annihilation across the UK, this is a tour not to be missed!


Thunder reveal DVD trailer & 2016 tour details

3-disc set documenting the story of ‘Wonder Days’ 
+ 3 limited edition 12” vinyl albums

5 UK arena dates – February 2016

The sensational return of UK rock legends Thunder, who had a Top 10 UK album earlier this year, continues into 2016 with full details of a three-disc set documenting the story of the band’s latest, Classic Rock Award nominated album, ‘Wonder Days’, plus a bonus series of three Limited Edition 12“ Vinyl Albums.

Entitled ‘All You Can Eat’, it documents the story of ‘Wonder Days’, Thunder’s first studio album for 6 years, and includes a live album, a live in-the-studio session, and a documentary film. The three Limited Edition 12” vinyl albums include Live At RAK Studio 1 and Live At The Brooklyn Bowl, both released as 12” double vinyl albums, and Live At Loud Park, which will be released as a limited edition 12” single vinyl album.

Disc 1 - Starter – Live At RAK Studio 1
The band was asked by their record label (earMusic) to record some live B-Sides and extra tracks for formats. The session took place at the famous RAK Studio 1 on November 4th and 5th 2014, during the two days preceding the band’s show at Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 in London. The band set up in the studio to record 100% live, and as quickly as possible. They played fourteen songs one after another, with no breaks, no stops, overdubs or fix ups. The end result is astonishing. There was also a live acoustic session the next day, which is currently being considered for possible release later next year (the tracks didn’t fit on the CD).

Disc 2 – Main Course - Live At The Brooklyn Bowl
The Brooklyn Bowl show on November 6th 2014 was offered free to fans, in association with Classic Rock Magazine. There was no fee for tickets, and fans applied online in their thousands for the chance to hear the band play brand new songs from ‘Wonder Days’, three months ahead of the release, alongside Thunder classics, and some never played before covers. The rules were pretty simple - no cameras, no video, no social media updates, just word of mouth. Thunder fans duly obliged, and the evening was stunning. The show was captured; audio and video, and eight of the songs were given away on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine in January 2015. The rest have stayed in the filing cabinet, until now…

Disc 3 - Dessert - Wonder Days The Film
A documentary made by Tim Sidwell from Toward Infinity, this film details the story behind the making of the ‘Wonder Days’ album, and features extensive band interviews, along with studio footage from the WD session, clips from the live session at RAK Studio 1, the Brooklyn Bowl live show, the triumphant March 2015 UK shows, and the Loud Park show, filmed for TV in Tokyo (Oct 2014). 60 minutes of pure Thunder fan joy…

Plus three Limited Edition 12 “ Vinyl Albums
Live At RAK and Live At The Brooklyn Bowl will both be released as 180g 12” double vinyl albums. They will be limited edition, numbered, signed and will be available exclusively via the band’s website - www.thunderonline.com.

Live At Loud Park will be released as a limited edition 180g 12” single vinyl album.

All formats will be released on January 29th.
Full details at www.thunderonline.com

The band will also be blowing the roof off arenas around the UK in February, with Terrorvision and King King in support, including a date at London’s SSE Arena, Wembley. Says lead singer Danny Bowes: “The shows in March were incredible, and the new songs went down just as well as the Thunder favourites. We can’t wait for February, so we can do it all over again.”

Feb 2016 Live Dates
15/02/2016 - Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
16/02/2016 - Bristol Colston Hall
18/02/2016 - SECC Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
19/02/2016 - Sheffield Arena
20/02/2016 - SSE Arena, Wembley

Tickets available at www.thunderonline.com.

THE WHITE BUFFALO confirmed for Ramblin' Man Fair 2016

American dark blues singer/songwriter THE WHITE BUFFALO has been confirmed for next year's edition of Ramblin' Man Fair in the UK.

Led by singer/songwriter Jake Smith, THE WHITE BUFFALO is probably best known for his numerous song placements in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, including the series finale song "Come Join the Murder", which was co-written with series producerKurt Sutter and was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Music and Lyrics".

Ramblin' Man Fair is an annual festival celebrating classic and contemporary rock, progressive rock, blues and country, alongside great food, real ales and fine whiskeys. Taking place at Mote Park in Kent on July 23rd and 24th, 2016, next year's edition will seeTHE WHITE BUFFALO perform on the Outlaw Country Stage, while other bands scheduled to appear at the festival includeWHITESNAKE, BLACK STONE CHERRY, EUROPE and AIRBOURNE.

For tickets and more information about Ramblin' Man Fair, head to http://www.ramblinmanfair.com

THE WHITE BUFFALO's new album, 'Love and the Death of Damnation' is due to be released in Europe on February 12th with three bonus tracks exclusive to the European physical editions.

Pre-order 'Love and the Death of Damnation' (UK/Euro 3 Bonus Track Edition) now on CD and vinyl at http://www.earache.com/twb

Watch THE WHITE BUFFALO's Jake Smith as he talks bowling, burritos and baseball in the captivating and revealing docuseries "Ernie Ball Presents: Capturing The White Buffalo" at http://bit.ly/1ORYU2f

Get more news and info from THE WHITE BUFFALO:

ANTHRAX discuss writing 'For All Kings'

The unique chemistry shared by ANTHRAX's main songwriters Charlie Benante, Frank Bello and Scott Ian,is, in part, what sets the band's music apart from other bands' in the same genre. Drummer Benante comes up with copious amounts of foundation riffs and ideas for the music, bassist Bello writes the songs' melodies, tailoring them to Joey Belladonna's soaring vocals and rhythm guitarist Scott Ian has a very particular way of incorporating his intense lyrical ideas into the band's music. 

The three together build the songs' arrangements during writing sessions, and eveyone contributes his own ideas and suggestions to pretty much every song. In the end, the trio brings it all together to create what can only be described as 'ANTHRAX music'.

In a new trailer released today, all five members discuss the writing process for the new album 'For All Kings'and how it all came together. 
Watch the candid interviews here: https://youtu.be/7rAYVGq-fTw

Track list:
01. You Gotta Believe
02. Monster At The End
03. For All Kings
04. Breathing Lightning
05. Suzerain
06. Evil Twin
07. Blood Eagle Wings
08. Defend Avenge
09. All Of Them Thieves
10. The Battle Chose Us
11. Zero Tolerance

Beginning in the autumn of 2014, ANTHRAX took their time in the studio recording the follow up to their Grammy-nominated, critically-acclaimed 2011 album, Worship Music. The band recorded around 20 original songs, almost twice as many as they had ever brought into the studio in the past. In terms of how the new music sounds, Bello states, "The thing about ANTHRAX...we have this heavy, thrashy music and Joey's powerful and melodic vocals. I love heavy music but I also love melody, so the challenge is to blend them together so they sound like ANTHRAX. I think we've done a really good job of that on the new album."


KARYBDIS unleash first taste of forthcoming album Samsara via new video

London based metallers KARYBDIS announced earlier this month that they'll release their sophomore album 'Samsara' on February 19th 2016 and in anticipation have given fans a sneaky taster of what's to come next year via a lyric video for their jaw-shattering melo-death grandeur track Rorschach. 

Watch/Listen to Rorschach here: https://youtu.be/A2bkIatzn3g 

Modern metal needs new heroes. As it becomes harder to spot diamonds twinkling in a murky, generic swamp of mimics and copycats, bands with the power, intelligence and style to drag the genre forward are more precious than ever. London’s Karybdis have long had something special about them: that hard-to-define essence of something better, something beyond. 

“Our previous album From The Depths got brilliant reviews in the press and online but we don't feel like enough people got to hear it and that's something we can't let happen with Samsara,” says bassist Jay Gladwin. “We are going to try and be everywhere in the UK next year and will be forcing ourselves down people's throats whether they like it or not. We believe we've written a very special album and now we need to make sure everyone hears it.”

Karybdis are set to enter 2016 in the form of their lives, with a brand new album that deserves to propel them to the forefront of the UK scene and beyond. This is metal made for the love of creativity and the thrill of heavy music’s ageless power. These are songs with brains, brawn and a huge heart. This is modern metal, Samsara is a revelation and Karybdis are the heroes we’ve been waiting for. Spread the word. 

For More Information: 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Creeper new EP 'The Stranger' out Febrauryand new line up

The continuing rise of Southampton goth-punks CREEPER continues unabated with the February 19th release of the new EP ‘The Stranger’. Their second release for Roadrunner Records UK, ‘The Stranger’ follows the critically acclaimed ‘The Callous Heart’ EP which is now entirely sold-out on vinyl.

In addition to the success of ‘The Callous Heart’ EP, CREEPER’s highlights of 2015 included tours with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Misfits, Funeral For A Friend, Moose Blood and Twin Atlantic; and they also burst onto the festival circuit atDownload, the Vans Warped Tour UK, 2000 Trees, Hevy and Camden Rocks.

Produced by Neil Kennedy at The Ranch, ‘The Stranger’ immediately establishes a theatrical air of foreboding with the mood-setting opener ‘The Secret Society’. The band’s love of The Misfits, Alkaline Trio and The Damned is very much in evidence throughout the pop-punk attack of ‘Valentine’, while their inherent sense of energy is infused with the spirits of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman in‘Black Mass’.

The EP’s closing two tracks really highlight the band’s growing maturity and versatility: ‘Misery’ Is stripped back to a soul-baring vocal/guitar duet before exploding into its climactic finale, and the mid-section of ‘Astral Projection’ focuses on Gould’simpassioned delivery before a final race to the finish line. 

‘The Stranger’ EP will be available on 12” vinyl and digital download formats, and can now be pre-ordered from iTunes(http://po.st/StrangeriTunes) as a special package from the Roadrunner Records (http://po.st/CreeperRRStore) store which also features an exclusive new t-shirt design.

Further big news is also confirmed from within the CREEPER camp. Guitarist Sina Nemati has decided to leave the band in order to concentrate on his sound engineering career in London. In his place comes guitarist Oliver Burdett, while band’s live keyboardistHannah Greenwood, who also played on ‘The Callous Heart’, joins the ranks as CREEPER’s sixth full-time member.

They join a band that vocalist Will Gould and guitarist Ian Miles formed from the fading embers of cult hardcore favourites OurTime Down Here. The line-up is completed by bassist Sean Scott and drummer Dan Bratton.

“We support Sina’s decision, want to thank him for starting this journey with us and wish him the best,” says Gould. “Oliver is a really nice fit, and as we all know each other so well, seems really natural. Hannah is one of our best pals and incredibly talented – it feels long overdue and awesome to finally have her officially in the band. We hope you guys welcome Hannah and Oliver, and are as stoked as we are about next year.”

The new line-up’s live debut comes at the Birmingham O2 Institute on February 1st where CREEPER play as guests to Neck Deep. Their first headline tour as a sextet commences later that month.

20th – Weymouth, Finns
21st – Newport, Le Pub
22nd – Wrexham, Rewind
23rd – Edinburgh, Mash House
24th – Dundee, Beat Generator Live
25th – Huddersfield, The Parish
26th – Peterborough, Met Lounge
27th – Coventry, Kasbah
29th – Worcester, Marrs Bar

1st – Guildford, The Boileroom
2nd – Bath, Moles
4th – Tunbridge Wells, Forum

February – with NECK DEEP
1st – Birmingham, O2 Institute
2nd – Glasgow, O2 Academy
4th – Manchester, Academy
5th – Cardiff, Great Hall
6th – London, O2 Forum

April – with NECK DEEP

16th – Southampton, Guildhall
18th – Newcastle, University
19th – Leeds, Beckett University
20th – Liverpool, O2 Academy

ANTHRAX's Scott Ian on touring after the Paris attacks

ANTHRAX recently completed a hugely successful UK / EU tour with labelmates Slayer and with bands cancelling tours or wary of hitting the road after the devastating attacks in Paris, we wondered why the guys felt it was so important to see this tour through. 

Watch as Scott Ian explains all, here: https://youtu.be/c7IcnEVHjwg

Listen to ANTHRAX's first new track from their forthcoming album, 'Evil Twin' on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xPmLkF3e6Fc

The lyric video for the track shows a barrage of places, victims, actions and some of the infamous zealots who have perpetrated violent extremism on innocents around the world, aptly exemplifying the song's powerful message.

Musically 'Evil Twin' is a full-on thrash-metal tune that blasts off with a raging guitar riff, accelerates expeditiously and is completely uncontrollable. 

"Yeah, that opening riff is really evil", states the band's Charlie Benante. "We had done a lot of touring with DEATH ANGEL and EXODUS, so I was in a really thrashy state of mind when I starting writing the riffs for that song. I think along with Scott's lyrics and Frank's melodies, we came up with a really great, old school thrash metal feel." 

...And as bassist Frank Bello puts it, "it's a song that begs to be played live".

Lyrically the track unapologetically denounces the self-righteous religious extremists who spread their bloody terror under the guise of a holy war.

You represent your discontent
Slaughtering the innocent
You're no martyrs

"I was very affected by the Charlie Hebdo massacre as I have been with all of the shootings that have taken place at schools and movie theatres", said ANTHRAX's lyricist Scott Ian. "I can't figure out what would cause someone to think that was the right thing to do. 'I'll show the world, I'll make my God happy.' It's just such bullshit. I'm not bagging on religion, that's not my intent, but people who go to that extreme, who feel they have become judge, jury and executioner over their fellow man because you or I don't believe the same thing they do, I think that's the 'Evil Twin' of humanity. Writing words about that is my only catharsis."

Beginning in the autumn of 2014, ANTHRAX took their time in the studio recording the follow up to their Grammy-nominated, critically-acclaimed 2011 album, Worship Music. The band recorded around 20 original songs, almost twice as many as they had ever brought into the studio in the past. In terms of how the new music sounds, Bello states, "The thing about ANTHRAX...we have this heavy, thrashy music and Joey's powerful and melodic vocals. I love heavy music but I also love melody, so the challenge is to blend them together so they sound like ANTHRAX. I think we've done a really good job of that on the new album."

The band's forthcoming album 'For All Kings' will be in stores on February 26th, 2016. Order here: http://bit.ly/AnthraxShop​


LOST SOCIETY Confirmed As Main Support On Exodus Tour

Young Finnish thrashers Lost Society are very proud to announce that they will be playing as main support alongside Exodus on their upcoming 2016 UK & Ireland tour.

Front man Samy Elbanna said regarding the announcement:
"We can't even begin to tell you all how stoked we are to announce that we'll be hitting the road with the almighty EXODUS at the end of February! We're so happy to finally return to the UK and hit our other favourite countries and cities. We'll be playing some tracks off of ‘BRAINDEAD’ for the first time ever, and of course songs off of the first two records. One thing is for sure, Exodus andLost Society will tear down every single venue, and we expect you all to go crazy and scream your lungs out!! Make sure you get your tickets right away, this is gonna be legendary!

Europe BEWARE: Lost Society and Exodus comin' atcha!!”

The tour which will take the bands across Europe as well as the UK & Ireland, hits our shores on 25th February at the Asylum, Birmingham – culminating on 13th March at Chinnerys in Southend. 
Exodus and Lost Society are keen to disperse their thrashing annihilation across the UK, this is a tour not to be missed!

You can see Lost Society & Exodus live on the following UK dates:
(inc. ticket links)

Lost Society also recently announced that their third album ‘Braindead’, will be released on February 12th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

The cover artwork was created by Jan Meininghaus (Bolt Thrower, Sick Of It All, UDO, Holy Moses, Debauchery…).

Founded in early 2010 by thrash/speed metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna in the Finnish town of Jyväskylä, the front man gathered an ensemble of passionate allies around him to establish a band that should soon become known as the most energetic up-and-comers the scene had seen in years. With their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Fast Loud Death’ released in 2013 – when the guys were still in their teens - Lost Society rapidly rose to fame and caught the attention of veterans such as Kreator and Testament. Subsequently, 2014‘s ‘Terror Hungry’ saw the pack further enhancing their trademark blend of speedy boozing anthems and moshy mayhem in the vein of Anthrax, Pantera and Municipal Waste, resulting in numerous shows and festival appearances all over Europe.

Lost Society info:

AMORPHIS announce spring 2016 tour!

After the release of their new record 'Under The Red Cloud' (September 4th viaNuclear Blast), Finnish melancholic metal masters AMORPHIS achieved great charts positions all over Europe (f.e. Finland #2, Germany #10, Switzerland #11)

The Suomi metallers have been touring with Swedish melodic death metal troop ARCH
ENEMY and Finnish symphonic metal gods NIGHTWISH since November on their'Endless Forms Most Beautiful' European tour. AMORPHIS will follow theNIGHTWISH tourdates with their own headline tour throughout the Continent in 2016.
See below, where the band will stop!

Guitarist Esa Holopainen commented:
"The 'Under The Red Cloud' world tour started right after the record release and it’s been a great tour with NIGHTWISH and ARCH ENEMY ever since. That said, I’m really stoked to hit the road for another leg of European dates starting in March. It will be the widest headlining tour in Europe for us to date and we'll have great special guests along the way. It’s gonna be epic. So, see you on the road!"

UK Tour date tickets are on-sale from today at the following links:
March 18th – Bristol, Fleece
March 19th – Manchester, Sound Control
March 20th – Dublin, Button Factory
March 22nd – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
March 23rd – London, Islington O2 Academy (General tickets on sale Wednesday 16 December 2015 1.00pm)
March 24th – Glasgow, Cathouse
March 25th – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

'Under The Red Cloud' - Europe 2016
04.03. D Hannover - Capitol
05.03. DK Copenhagen - Amager Bio
06.03. S Stockholm - Debaster Strand
08.03. S Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
09.03. N Oslo - Vulkan Arena
10.03. N Drammen - Union Scene
11.03. N Bergen - USF
12.03. N Haugesund - Byscenen
14.03. DK Aarhus - Voxhall
15.03. D Hamburg - Gruenspan
17.03. NL Tilburg - O13
18.03. UK Bristol - Fleece
19.03. UK Manchester - Sound Control
20.03. IRL Dublin - Button Factory
22.03. UK Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms
23.03. UK London - o2 Academy Islington
24.03. UK Glasgow - Cathouse
25.03. UK Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
26.03. F Paris - Le Petit Bain
27.03. LUX Esch Sur Alzette - Kulturfabrik
29.03. I Florence - Viper Club
30.03. I Rome - Orion
31.03. SLO Nova Gorice - Mostnova
01.04. SRB Novi Sad - The Quartier
02.04. BG Sofia - Mixtape 5 Club
03.04. RO Bucharest - Arenele Romane
06.04. PL Wroclaw - Alibi
07.04. A Vienna - Szene
08.04. D Munich - Backstage
09.04. D Geiselwind - Music Hall
10.04. I Milan - Fabrique
12.04. D Frankfurt - Batschkapp
13.04. D Berlin - PBHF Club
14.04. D Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
15.04. CH Pratteln - Z7
16.04. B Antwerp - Trix
17.04. D Bochum - Matrix

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

DEVIL YOU KNOW lyric video for 'Your Last Breath'

DEVIL YOU KNOW have posted an official lyric video for the track 'Your Last Breath' online. The track is taken from the bands recently released album They Bleed Red and can be viewed over on YouTube, here:

Howard Jones (vocals), Francesco Artusato (guitars), John Sankey (drums) and Ryan Wombacher (bass/backing vocals) deliver a dense monstrosity of technical prowess and angst-ridden passion. A deep interpersonal understanding and an evolving camaraderie set the stage for the unique confidence behind They Bleed Red, the band’s ferocious follow-up which extinguishes any so-called 'sophomore slump' without mercy. It’s the sound of primal bloodlust. Produced by Josh Wilbur (Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb Of God, Killer Be Killed), They Bleed Red is a breakneck paced trip through DEVIL YOU KNOW’s broken psyche, struggles with anxiety, and ultimate triumph against adversity, all laid upon a foundation of high-level artistic achievement and vitriolic full throttle heavy metal fury. 

They Bleed Red Official Track Listing:
1. Consume The Damned
2. The Way We Die
3. Your Last Breath
4. Stay of Execution
5. Break The Ties
6. Shattered Silence
7. Let The Pain Take Hold
8. Master of None
9. Searching For The Sun
10. How The End Shall Be
11. Broken By The Cold
Bonus Tracks
12. Eye of The Tiger (Cover Track)
13. I Am Alive
14. We Live


Francesco Artusato (guitars) states: "This one was definitely a song that happened unexpectedly. The point was to make a ‘heavy' song (of course, haha) that would have a lot of hooks and cool parts, but not fallowing a typical structure so we had fun trying different things. We have the black metal part, the groovy part, an epic chorus, cool bridge section, gang vocals at the end, etc. It’s literally a bit of everything. I wrote the main riff while walking in a mall somewhere while on tour. I was humming it into my phone so I would remember it for later. It was a weird day, haha. I’m just so excited for this new record. It’s a beast! I can’t wait to start playing the new material and the next tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach in Europe this November is going to be massive!”

John Sankey (drums) further adds: “The track, 'Stay Of Execution,' was the last song that was written for our new album. I wanted us to have a track that was fast, brutal and really slamming with an unconventional song structure. Francesco and I had some demos that we hadn’t used yet, so I tore a few of those unfinished tracks apart and pieced together the coolest sections to create this song. It is definitely one of my favorite tunes from the album because for me personally this feels more like the death metal style that I’m used to playing. There's blast beats, lots of double bass and some really cool busy drum fills. It’s a fun song to jam, that’s for sure! Fran wrote an awesome riff for the first verse that sounds like a straight up black metal part to me. It rules! The ‘one choice, one life, I’m running out of time' chant that Hojo wrote for the end of the song is a monster anthem. It’s a killer hook that will have all the kids singing along and puts the icing on this ‘metal cake’! Even though this is a blazing track and easily one of the heaviest we have written, it still has the groove and melodic elements of DEVIL YOU KNOW, so crank it up and enjoy."

John Sankey (drums) states: "There’s nothing more rock n' roll then spending the night at a Hollywood strip club partying and getting wild with a bunch of sexy porn stars, so when it came time for us to decide on a concept for our latest video shoot that’s exactly what we did. What metalhead doesn’t want to see hot tattooed girls dancing and stripping while listening to heavy guitar riffs, thunderous bass, pummeling drums and HOJO singing about ‘The Way We Die’? It's the perfect heavy metal storm! The infamous Burning Angel girls were a blast to hang out with and we had a whole lot of fun letting them entertain us for the evening. Howard got to do some 'pole fishing', Francesco was making it rain, Ryan was getting plenty of attention at the pool table and I got a bit too busy with some of the ladies in the corner and eventually got us all kicked out. No regrets! We had no interest in doing another performance video with us jamming out, since we did that last album and wanted to shake things up. This was all about us having fun, getting crazy, living the dream and sharing it with the world to enjoy.”